Microsoft SCCM/ConfigMgr & Goverlan (by J.Hassell)

  “The Goverlan Remote Administration Suite can pick up quite a bit of the daily management slack when it comes to managing Windows machines on your network – at a fraction of the price and complexity of SCCM.”

by Jonathan Hassell

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For day-to-day administration tasks, System Center Configuration Manager may not represent the best choice. The Goverlan Remote Administration Suite can pick up quite a bit of the daily management slack when it comes to managing Windows machines on your network – at a fraction of the price and complexity of System Center Configuration Manager.

Although Goverlan does not perform special management functions for virtualized desktop infrastructure deployments or manage mobile devices other than standard machines running recent Windows operating system versions, Goverlan supports troubleshooting and remote controlling virtual machines just as if they are real physical objects.

Key areas where Goverlan fills the gap with SCCM

Goverlan can assist you on a daily basis with many administrative tasks in a easier, lighter-weight way with a tool that has you up and running in minutes.

  • Unlike SCCM, Goverlan has no database back-end which means administering and managing users and machines in real time.
  • Goverlan‘s Scope Actions allows administrative tasks to be pushed directly to target machines and users individually or in a group in a quick, efficient way.
  • Goverlan can remotely control physical or virtual computers as well as Citrix Xenapp and RDP sessions from an intuitive console.
  • Technicians can save customizable sets of frequently used actions and targets and automate these tasks to run when needed

SCCM does not have a compelling story when it comes to remote support. The Goverlan Remote Administration Suite, on the other hand, has a comprehensive set of remote control features, including the ability to perform remote control of thin client sessions on Microsoft’s Terminal Services or Remote Desktop or the Citrix Xen platform, a chat feature to communicate directly with your remote user, active and passive session shadowing, and support for session stretching across multiple monitors. System Center Configuration Manager has no dedicated set of features for remote control, relying only on integration with the Remote Desktop Connection client already built into Windows.

Additionally, SCCM has intensive hardware requirements for the host management server, with recommended configurations involving dual- or quad-core processors, a SQL Server database, and 4-8 GB of memory just to get started, as well as hundreds of gigabytes of disk space—even for small sites.

In contrast, Goverlan Remote Administration Suite is a single product that you install in minutes, with agents that deploy in seconds a piece. The administration and reporting can all be done from a single interface, which can run on any Windows workstation even with modest hardware requirements involving single-core processors and 1 GB of memory (or even less). The agents that Goverlan Remote Administration Suite installs are very lightweight, under 5 megabytes in size, and have absolutely no noticeable impact on performance.

Goverlan vs Microsoft SCCM: Price

Even with Microsoft’s recently announced simplification of the System Center pricing, a license covering a single two-socket server running an unlimited number of virtual machines runs $3,607 (with that price doubling for every additional two physical processor sockets you license). If you have more than one host running server operating system instances you care to manage, then you need to license those servers. And you have to deal with client access licenses, depending on which components of the client stack you are managing, and they can run from $22 list for the security endpoint protection CAL to $62 for Configuration Manager targets, all of which applies on top of the previously mentioned multi-thousand dollar server licensing fee. And don’t forget to add a SQL Server license fee on as well, as this is not included in the quoted figures for System Center.

In contrast, Goverlan Remote Administration Suite is licensed at $699 on a per-administrator basis—you purchase one license for every administration employee that will use the product. There are no per-managed device client access license fees, nor is the product licensed based on the number of processors or other hardware components in a given host. In addition, you don’t need additional hardware to run the product: its reporting engine and agents run fine on existing systems and don’t require expensive big-iron SQL database hardware for monitoring or logging.

Goverlan vs Microsoft SCCM: The Last Word

Goverlan is worth a look. It’s a fraction of the cost and effort of SCCM. If your infrastructure requires VDI and mobile device management, System Center Configuration Manager plus Goverlan should be considered for more robust and efficient systems administration.


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