Introduction to Goverlan

Welcome to our new blog! We hope this blog helps fill your appetite for useful information in a variety of remote admin topics. Our goal is to provide IT remote support professionals with helpful how-to’s, best practices, tips and tricks that empower you (and your team) to do your job faster and more efficiently. We hope you visit often and share this resource with other like-minded individuals.  For this initial post, we’d like to introduce you to the Goverlan solution and give you a quick glance at its role in the world of IT remote support.

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How can Goverlan help you?

Goverlan is an all-in-one, IT remote administration solution to manage and support Windows based networks. Goverlan is designed to help you get to the root of support problems quickly and resolve issues dynamically and efficiently, with minimal or no end-user interaction.

With Goverlan’s user-centric and intuitive interface, you can gain access to a full range of computer troubleshooting and management functions and never get lost in clutter.

Goverlan is an agent-based solution that is fast and easy to deploy. The service agents are < 5MB and are designed to have no impact on system performance. These small & stable client agents can be automatically installed and maintained by Goverlan or pre-installed by you.

Features that can significantly reduce your time-to-resolution:
  • Goverlan auto-detects and mimics your AD configuration. The drill-down interface is simple and uncluttered. Get a full range of AD management features, including AD navigation and searches. Save and share your own hierarchy and workspace to access your systems faster with no detours.
  • Centrally manage client side settings, including user prompts and text customization, and centrally audit RC sessions.
  • Real-time global awareness & control over your infrastructure via Scope Actions. Specify actions to run on a scope of users, computers or groups on-demand or at specific intervals. Tasks can be executed in the background so users can work uninterrupted.
  • Powerful Remote Control which offers RDP/Citrix shadowing, ability to remote control multiple machines in a single view, multi-monitor support and more. Client operating modes: No notification (Stealth Mode) / Notification only / User Prompt and approval
  • With an advanced Task Manager, monitor performance, manage processes, control start-up programs and solve performance bottlenecks.
  • Benefit from WMI technology using WMIX. Execute agent-less remote administration on your machines, generate WMI scripts to extend your IT reach and effortlessly create GPO WMI filters using the WMIX Query Wizard


For more details, please visit our website or try our 30-day full featured trial. As a reminder, all of our products are licensed per administrator, so an admin can manage an unlimited number of nodes at no additional cost.

Stay tuned for future posts where we’ll dive into specific features, offer insight into best practices, deliver how-to’s, and look at market trends that impact IT administration.

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