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Some of the findings from the Survey include:

55.2% of IT Help desk teams are expected to work remotely, while 20.5% are rotating times when they are in the office

The following are some of the actions organizations are taking to prepare for Coronavirus:

  • 70.6% increased access to hand sanitizer
  • 69.9% ramped up public health communications such as posters
  • 67.1% banned business travel
  • 66.7% cancelled all in-person meetings
  • 47.6% revised benefits policies for those needing to stay home with children or sick family members
  • 5% reported no actions taken yet

The survey was conducted online. 1579 responses received. The bulk of the responses were collected March 19 – 21, 2020. Respondents are from 20+ industries and the majority are in the US.