IT Process Automation: Update SSID / WiFi Password

Updates the WiFi profile password for the targeted machines.

So, you had to update your WiFi password and now you need to visit 1,000 machines to enter the new credentials…unless you download this Scope Action.

Use this Scope Action to target an unlimited number of machines and update the SSID / WiFi profile password with just 1-mouse click. When this executes, Goverlan calls the netsh process to update an already existing WiFi profile.

WARNING: This Scope Actions runs a process on the targeted machines and changes the WiFi profile information. USE WITH CAUTION.


  1. Download and install the GSA file (requires Goverlan Scope Actions)
  2. Adjust the Scope to target your machines
  3. Adjust the process arguments highlighted in the screenshot below.
  4. Run it!

Note: YOURPROFILENAME must be EXACTLY how it appears on the machine that you are modifying. 


Change the WiFi password

Change the WiFi password



IT Process Automation – Change a SSID/WiFi Profile Password on Multiple Windows Machines