IT Process Automation – Active Directory Management: Terminate – Deprovision User(s)

Terminate user(s) with a single click and make sure compliance mandates are met!

Formalize your employee termination / deprovisioning process. Make sure compliance and security mandates are met. Implementing this Scope Action gives you the chance to sit with HR and make sure that the same procedures happen, in the same way, EVERY TIME! No more staying late on Friday to pull reports or clean up AD. Simplify with this 1-click option and add customization to make it your own!

WARNING: This Scope Action will make changes to Active Directory – USE WITH CAUTION

This “Terminate Employee” Scope Action will:

  1. Generate a Group Membership report – A simple report showing you which AD Groups the targeted user(s) are members of.
  2. Logoff all active/current sessions – An action that ends the targeted user(s) active sessions and displays a message to the user. – Edits needed
  3. Generate a User Login History report – A simple report showing you the targeted user(s) login history, this tells you the machines the user(s) has been using
  4. Clean up Active Directory – An action that sets the password to expired, sets the user account to disabled, and moves the user to the “terminated user” OU – Edits needed
  5. Remove Group Memberships – An action that removes all the AD Group memberships for the targeted user(s)

Actions 2 and 4 need to be edited/adjusted for your environment.


  1. Download and install the GSA file (requires Goverlan Scope Actions)
  2. Adjust the Scope to target the user(s) queued for termination
  3. Adjust the actions to suit your needs
  4. Run it!
  5. Turn this Scope Action into a custom action – See how!


Active Direcotry Group membership report

Active Directory Group membership report


Terminate user action sequence

Terminate user action sequence



IT Process Automation – Employee Access Termination Workflow