IT Process Automation: Detecting Machines with Missing Adobe Reader

Reports on machines that are missing Adobe Reader.

Do you have a mandate to make sure a certain app is installed on EVERY machine? This Scope Action queries all machines and return any machine that does NOT have Adobe Reader installed. Adjust this Scope Action to find machines missing any application, specific version of any application, or even machines that don’t have a specific process running. Goverlan queries and returns results in real-time, meaning as the machines exist right now! (where right now = when the Scope Action is run).

This Scope Action does not make any changes to your machines, it simply queries for machines that are missing Adobe Reader (any version).


  1. Download and install the GSA file (requires Goverlan Scope Actions)
  2. Adjust the Scope to target all your machines
  3. Run it!
  4. Edit this to auto-install Adobe Reader anytime it is found to be missing and resolve future help desk tickets


Machines that are missing Adobe Reader

Machines that are missing Adobe Reader