IT Process Automation: Monitor & Remediate Low Disk Space

Monitors for machines that are running out of disk space.

Some IT teams still invest hard-earned budget in tools to monitor disk space! Save that budget for good use by downloading this Scope Action.

This Scope Action does not make any changes to your machines, it simply queries for machines that are running low on disk space.

The report includes:

  • Computer name
  • Device name that caused the alert
  • Available space (percent)

The report is set to execute only if the following conditions are met:

  • Device name = C:
  • Available space (Percent) < 20%

Adjust the conditions to monitor other drives.


  1. Download and install the GSA file (requires Goverlan Scope Actions)
  2. Adjust the Scope to target your machines
  3. Run it!
  4. Optionally add email alerts – SEE HOW!
  5. Use the scheduler to automatically re-run this Scope Action – SEE HOW!
  6. Optionally add in remidiation steps – i.e. clear the tem, deploy a script, or anything else you might do when machines are low on disk space


Disk space monitor

Disk space monitor