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Goverlan Reach is used for

Goverlan Reach solves your help desk pain points by increasing ticket close rates and overall help desk productivity.

Goverlan Reach remote admin software works behind the scenes to instantaneously:

  • Reset a password
  • Unlock an account
  • Install a driver or device
  • Add a printer
  • Map a drive
  • Install, repair a software
  • Run & end a process
  • Monitor performance
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For your more complicated cases, you can remote control:

  • Quickly connecting to user sessions with fastConnect
  • Inviting other operators to join a session and collaborate on resolution
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Manage your desktop users and IT infrastructure remotely and securely. Automate your repetitive system administration tasks.

Save time and improve efficiency with:

  • Global configuration management
  • Real-time monitoring, reporting and process automation
  • Software deployment, patch management and Windows updates
  • Password Management
  • Remote control, SSH and Telnet access
  • Secure access of desktops, servers, switches, and firewalls
  • Active Directory administration and automation
  • Bulk actions performed in 1 click
  • Hardware & Software inventories
  • User’s activities monitoring
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Manage the complexity of your IT landscape with a scalable remote access software that works both for SMBs and enterprise businesses.

Goverlan Reach offers the following benefits:

  • Lower cost of supporting IT infrastructure
  • Auditing of technician actions
  • Increased ticket close rates and overall technician productivity
  • Support local and remote end-users and systems
  • Increased compliance and security management
  • Perform almost any Windows administration tasks remotely
  • Compliance evaluation & remediation
  • A solution to manage attended and unattended endpoints
  • Affordable enterprise-class Remote Control
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Improve efficiency of your remote IT support and administration operations. Support stand-alone users, workgroups, and entire Active Directory sites with enterprise-class remote access software.

Goverlan Reach offers the following benefits:

  • Enterprise-class remote management and administration
  • Entire sites and individual endpoints management without VPN
  • On-demand support options for anyone, anywhere
  • Increased ticket close rate and overall technician productivity
  • Scalable pricing
  • Small footprint, easy integration
  • Auditing of technician actions
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Manage your ATM, POS, and Digital Signage Systems with smarter remote support tools.

Goverlan Reach provides:

  • Remediates DSS fails without exposing the system’s desktop to the public view
  • Enables users to perform visual verifications on multiple screens at once
  • Allows console operators to schedule health measures to prevent future DSS fails
  • Audits systems, detects undesired activities and sends alerts
  • Provides background systems management tools to minimize disruption
  • Generates hardware & software inventories
  • Offers advanced Remote Control features
  • Is secure and Compliant
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Why Goverlan Reach?

Empowering the global IT environment since 1998. Trusted by 13,000
customers and managing more than 3 million devices.


Ensure Security


Secure your organization and clients with an on-premises enterprise-class solution, on-premises credential manager, and centralized auditing.

Ensure Control


Get instant access to attended and unattended machines, no matter where they are. Features like on-demand remote access, shadowing Citrix and Terminal Services sessions, and performance monitoring help keep you on top of your IT environment.

Ensure Support


A range of powerful remote admin software tools will help you manage remote users in the most secure environment. Multiple connection options allow you to support users regardless of their network location and quickly resolve their issues.


Be in total control

On-premises implementation
(no external surface of attack)

Enterprise-class authentication

Internal password vault

Centralized controls of client configuration and operator actions

Centralized auditing of operator actions


All the features you need

Quickly target the problem,
efficiently resolve issues

Easy-to-use, robust features

Endpoint management
anywhere in the world

Zero-delay management engine

Install in minutes


Designed for all organization
types, levels, and sizes

Subscription based licenses
/ Pay as you grow

No additional fee
for internal end points

Minimal infrastructure
hardware requirements

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