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Goverlan, Inc. is a leading provider of IT support and remote management software used by customers in all end markets - government, education, financial services, industrial, etc.

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Pascal Bergeot
Founder / CEO
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Judy Lee
Founder / COO
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Raul Ortiz
VP Product Support & Client Services
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Victor Cruz
Product Specialist/System Administrator
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Eugen Hartmann
Senior Software Engineer
team member
Juan Gonzalez
Back End Web Developer
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Rolando Tamames
Front End Web Developer/Graphic Designer
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Josh Wolinski
Sales and Support Representative
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Deborah Pender
Sales and Marketing Assistant

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Goverlan was born amidst NYC’s Wall Street in 1996, at the heart of a bustling investment bank with help-desks worldwide, and was later commercialized in 1998 following the bank’s implementation.

In the 16 years since the company’s founding, drawing collectively on extensive experience and credibility in the areas of software design and development as well as firsthand knowledge of remote systems management, Goverlan has released numerous product launches and built a client base spanning 110 countries and 17 industries, securing a solid reputation in the IT support industry.

Our Products

From initial product design to quality assurance testing, Goverlan collaborates with their clients for feedback and input in order to guarantee that its products are aligned with the clients’ needs in mind. This collaborative and client-centric philosophy continues to be the cornerstone of the Goverlan ability to build long-term relationships with blue chip customers who require affordable, efficient, secure and robust IT remote support solutions.

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