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Goverlan Remote Control

IT Management through advanced remote control
for Windows, MacOS X, and Linux

  • Access and log into unattended machines
  • Share the screen, keyboard and mouse without disconnecting the user.
  • Collaborate by sharing the screen and controls with multiple support engineers.
Free edition available, click here.

Key Features

Operating Modes

Complete Control

Disable mouse and keyboard control or mask the end-users screen while you perform admin duties.

Task Manager

Task Manager

Observe machine performance and active tasks using the customized Goverlan Task Manager.

Remote Shadow

Remote Shadow

Monitor remote workstations using no-notification (stealth) mode to see what is going on without notifying the end-user.

Remote Control chat

Send Messages

Send pop-up messages to client machines or initiate chat sessions.

Drag and drop file transfer

File Transfer

Transfer files to/from remote machines using configured drop zones while in a remote control session

Screen Capture

Screen Capture

Capture the end-users screen with screen snapshots or video capture of one or more remote control sessions.

Custom branding

Custom Branding

Customize client side notification with your corporate logo and text branding.

Remote control multiple monitors

Multiple Monitors

Supports remote control for client machines with multiple monitors.

Enterprise level security

Secure Connection

AES256 encryption on all traffic to and from the agents, plus support for smart card authentication.

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