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Detecting and removing blacklisted applications
Friday, November 18, 2016 @ 12:00 PM ET
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Administration & Diagnostics

Behind-the-scenes support, diagnostics, and reporting for servers, users, & workstations.

  • Real-time detection of the user's logged-in workstations
  • Support users without interrupting them
  • Comprehensive Active Directory management

Proprietary features make it faster and easier to manage your network.



Always have a complete and accurate view of your environment using a real-time, database driven query engine that combines real-time data for all online machines and the latest available information for all offline machines.

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Quickly & effortlessly access a user's machine by specifying full or partial AD username. Goverlan fastConnect immediately presents the list of machines that a user is currently logged into (including VDI, Citrix®, & RDP sessions).

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