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Goverlan Suite

All of the powerful Goverlan tools, in one console.

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Goverlan Remote Control

IT Management through advanced remote control
for Windows, MacOS X, and Linux.

  • Access and log into unattended machines
  • Share the screen, keyboard and mouse without disconnecting the user
  • Collaborate by sharing the screen and controls with multiple support engineers
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Administration & Diagnostics

Behind-the-scenes support, diagnostics, and reporting for servers, users, & workstations.

  • Real-time detection of the user's logged-in workstations
  • Support users without interrupting them
  • Comprehensive Active Directory management
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Scope Actions

Global infrastructure configuration and reporting. Execute actions and reports on computer targets or AD objects.

  • Generate reports on the state and configuration of users & machines
  • Perform global systems management task & Active Directory changes
  • Scan users and machines to detect specific configurations or states
  • SUREDATA Technology
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Perform agentless remote administration of Windows machines without programming or scripting.

  • Export PowerShell or Visual Basic WMI Scripts
  • Generate WQL queries using the WMI Query Wizard
  • Explore and discover the WMI repository
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