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GOVERLAN v8 is a systems management solution that allows you to globally and dynamically control & manage your IT desktop infrastructure in real-time. GOVERLAN's Active Directory account administration and Windows systems management solution is designed to fulfill the needs of small, medium and large organizations.

With GOVERLAN’s SUREDATA Technology, a real-time & database driven query engine, you get a complete and accurate view on every machine, online or offline.



Goverlan v8 at a Glance

What is
Goverlan SureData Technology ?

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SUREDATA is a Real-Time & Database-Driven Query Engine that guarantees the most complete and accurate view of your environment.

System management solutions that are database-driven ensure data availability but may not be current. Real-time solutions are responsive and current but they can’t handle offline devices.

With GOVERLAN’s SURE-DATA Technology you don’t have to trade off accuracy for availability - the data is directly queried from the system in real-time, then registered into a database back-end. If a system is offline, GOVERLAN automatically pulls the information from the database.

SURE-DATA gives you the best of both worlds - accuracy and availability of information on every machine, online or offline.


GOVERLAN consists of four standalone modules, which can be used individually or altogether. All modules seamlessly integrate to provide a unique and complementary Systems Management process flow.

Choose one or all GOVERLAN modules to perform background management tasks without user interruption, share the desktop with a remote user, execute global configuration duties or implement advanced server queries and controls.

Administration and Diagnostics


Administration & Diagnostic


Checkmark icon  Advanced AD searches and real-time detection of logged-in workstations

Checkmark icon  Gain access to extensive information on remote systems

Checkmark icon  All tools are Citrix® & MS RDP session aware

Checkmark icon  Perform background Systems Management tasks without user interruption

Ideal for: Support Teams | System Admins

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Get to any server, user or machine fast using advanced Active Directory searches, real-time detection of user logged-in workstations, with full support of VDI, RDP & Citrix® sessions.

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Find it fast
Quickly Find & Assist: Perform wildcard searches of Active Directory objects by name and extended Active Directory attributes.
Query user machines
Query User Machines: View the real-time logged-in workstations of a user, including VDI, RDP & Citrix® sessions.
Save and Share customized lists
Organize: Save and share customized lists of IP segments, AD containers and folders.
Admin and Diagnostics Task Manager
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If it can be queried, GOVERLAN can get it!

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GOVERLAN combines industry standard Systems Management technologies such as LDAP, WMI, Intel® vPRO™ AMT with proprietary ITSM technologies to gain access to extensive pools of Active Directory and systems information.

With the GOVERLAN SUREDATA engine, you are guaranteed both data availability from offline systems and data accuracy of online systems.

Gain BIOS level information
Access AD Objects
Access Active Directory Objects: View and manage user, computer and group information. Reset passwords for single or multiple users. Get full disclosure of group memberships. Enhanced security information such as user & machine login history. Manage any of the available AD attributes.
Remotely Configure Systems
Control your system configurations remotely such as: add/remove software, drive mappings, printers, running applications and desktop settings.
Windows Systems info on demand
See all Windows Systems information on demand: Hardware & peripherals, BIOS & OS information / configurations, software inventory and Windows updates, file system and registry, running processes, performance counters and much more.
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Use powerful tools to manage all aspects of your systems with real-time, dependable results and no user interruption.

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Manage your User’s Desktop Configuration

Support your users by managing their drive mappings, printer connections, environment variables, startup programs and other user configuration objects. GOVERLAN supports standard user sessions as well as VDI, RDP & Citrix® sessions.

Systems Power Management

Execute power management tasks on your systems via the GOVERLAN agents, Intel® vPRO™ AMT and Wake-on-LAN technologies. Lock machines, logoff users, power off, restart or reboot to safe mode or to BIOS instantly or on a schedule.

Remote CMD Prompt for Background Tasks

Run command line or PowerShell® commands via the GOVERLAN Remote Command Prompt. Dispatch the execution of existing scripts on remote systems and receive the output.

Perform Advanced & Powerful Systems Management Remotely

Rename your computers, join or unjoin them to a domain, change IP configuration, manage the registry / file system or perform advanced WMI tasks - REMOTELY with GOVERLAN.

Communicate & Collaborate

Send instant popup messages to your users even if they are not yet logged-in. Open a chat session with one or more users or colleagues to collaborate on an issue.

Application and System Update Management

Install, repair or uninstall software applications on your systems, as well as Windows updates.

Pinpoint Systems' Health Issues & Performance Bottlenecks

View and manage your systems’ running tasks and applications in real-time. Detect the top 5 consumers of system’s resources. Monitor information-rich live graphs of CPU, storage, memory and network consumption and act on issues by controlling processes, services and startup programs.

Goverlan Remote Control icon


Remote Control


Checkmark icon  Remote Control Windows, MacOS X & Linux Machines

Checkmark icon  Remote Shadow Citrix® & RDP User Sessions

Checkmark icon  Remote Monitor screen activity & health of many machines simultaneously

Checkmark icon  Intel® vPRO™ AMT Out-of-Band Management

Ideal for: Support Teams | System Admins | Infrastructure Admins

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Control your remote systems as if you were physically there. During a GOVERLAN Remote Control session, share the screen, keyboard and mouse without disconnecting the user, or access and log into unattended machines. You can also share the screen and controls of a remote system with one or more other support engineers for a fully collaborative control session.

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Remote Control attended or unattended Windows, MacOS X and Linux machines, or any Telnet/SSH device.
remote shadow thumbnail
Remote Shadow any Citrix® or MS RDP virtual desktops remotely as easily as standard sessions, including multi-monitor virtual sessions.
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Remote Monitor the screen activity and health status of groups of machines in a single, network-friendly view.

Now featuring FastConnect

Quickly and effortlessly access your user’s machine by specifying full or partial AD user name. GOVERLAN fastConnect immediately presents you with the list of machines that the user is currently logged into (including VDI, Citrix®, & RDP sessions).

You can also use fastConnect to resolve partial computer via wildcard AD searches right in the Connect To box.

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Intel® vPRO™ AMT for

Remote control any Intel® vPRO™ ready machine regardless of the workstation or OS condition.

Remote Control for Intel® vPRO™
bios level remote control
Gain BIOS level remote control to any Intel® vPRO™ enabled workstation.
mount ISO images
Mount ISO images at the hardware level to run your favorite diagnostic software or perform a full Windows installation remotely.
power control
Complete power control regardless of the state of the OS.
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configure dynamic folders
Configure dynamic favorite folders based on Active Directory OUs or IP ranges and share them with your team.
communicate with clients easily
Easily Communicate with your clients: Send pop-up messages to your client’s machines or initiate chat sessions in or outside of a remote control session. Multiple Admins can participate in the same remote support session.
capture video of the client's screen
Capture your client’s screen - Print the client's screen, export the client's screen to an image or perform a video capture of one or more remote control sessions.
disable keyboard and mouse access
Disable mouse and keyboard access to the remote user or mask the client’s physical screen while you perform admin duties.
transfer files
Transfer files to/from local disks and remote shares while in a remote control session.
task manager to observe performance
Use the GOVERLAN Task Manager to observe machine performance and active tasks while conducting a Remote Control session, detect issues and resolve them quickly.
configure auto logon sequence
Interrupt & configure automatic logon sequence (useful for schools, kiosks and thin clients).
view multiple monitors
Support client machines with multiple monitors.
secure implementation


    Centrally configure and control the client side's operating modes:
  • No Notification (Stealth mode) / Screen Notification / User Prompt & Approval
  • Post Session Screen and Email Notification

Centrally Audit Remote Control Session Activities

Supports Smart Card Authentication

Customize the client side user interface with corporate image and text branding

Goverlan Scope Actions


Scope Actions


Checkmark icon  Generate Reports on the state and configuration of users & machines

Checkmark icon  Perform global Systems Management tasks and Active Directory changes

Checkmark icon  Scan your users and machines to detect specific configuration or states

Checkmark icon  SUREDATA Technology

Ideal for: System Admins | Infrastructure Admins | Compliance

Use GOVERLAN’s Scope Actions when global infrastructure reporting or configuration is required. Scope Actions are used to execute real-time configured actions and reports, on-demand or on a repeating schedule, against a pre-configured scope of computer targets and Active Directory objects.

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step one

Define a scope

of users, computers or groups

Define your scope

GOVERLAN provides extended means to define your scopes. You can choose individual objects, AD domains or containers, or IP ranges.

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step two

Specify the actions

to apply to the scope

All information and admin tasks from the Administration & Diagnostic module can be configured as an action.

Specifiy the actions to apply

Scope Actions has an extended library of admin tasks that allow you to report or manage every aspect of your targeted objects:

• Full set of Active Directory Attributes

• Local Account Database

• Registry & File System

• Access the full WMI Repository without scripting

• Intel® vPRO™ AMT Functions

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Scope Actions graphic Schedule to Run

Run when needed or schedule to run

Fast, real-time results!

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GOVERLAN Scope Action uses a PUSH technology to perform global configuration tasks. This means that actions are executed in real-time and results returned immediately. This approach complements Microsoft SCCM/ConfigMgr. SCCM/ConfigMgr tasks are executed only when a machine checks with the SCCM server for available tasks, making execution completion times hard to define.

GOVERLAN Scope Action provides great benefits as it allows global configuration tasks to be performed immediately and predictably. For instance, during an emergency situation when a global change, or an admin task must be executed on your machines in real- time.

Since GOVERLAN works with live data, it is also a great choice for detecting real-time systems configuration and states. For example, you can use a GOVERLAN Scope Action to scan and report the list of machines for which a particular process is running, or a service is stopped or a specified file is missing. You can also take subsequent actions if a state is detected. GOVERLAN’s scanning abilities of live data makes it a prime tool for security compliance assessments.

Goverlan v8 WMIX




Checkmark icon  Gain access to extended server admin features via vendor specific WMI providers

Checkmark icon  Execute queries & Sys Admin tasks agent-free

Checkmark icon  Quickly and easily generate WMI scripts with the click of a button

Checkmark icon  Use a Wizard to create GPO WMI Filters / SCCM custom queries

Ideal for: System Admins | Infrastructure Admins

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Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is a powerful technology, however, in its raw form it can only be accessed via a scripting language like VBScript or PowerShell. This fact often leaves this technology hard to reach for common administration tasks.

The WMIX Module allows you to fully consume the WMI technology within GOVERLAN without any scripting or programming and with minimal knowledge of the WMI repository. WMIX removes all complexity out of WMI and make this agent-free systems management technology accessible to everyone.

With the WMIX module, the complete WMI repository of information and systems management functions is exposed in a friendly graphical manner within the Scope Action module (allowing you to perform WMI based queries and tasks on a wide scope of machines), and via the WMIX application.
Using WMI via WMIX, you gain access to the most comprehensive implementation of data-management and operations of Windows-based operating systems.
WMIX comprehensive data management
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Since every Windows platform has the WMI technology built-in, you can use WMIX without installing any software agents on your client machines.

remote task execution
Remotely execute management tasks on one or more remote computer systems.
remote query and configure
Remotely query and manage the information and configuration settings of virtually every component a computer system has.
generate custom reports
Generate pre-configured or ad-hoc reports on a remote machine or a set of remote machines.
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WMIX has a built-in script generator which allows you to automatically generate a Visual Basic script to report, modify or execute any action you initiate using the graphical user interface (GUI). The scripts generated by WMIX are configured so that they can be run against a local machine, a remote machine or group of machines. Additionally, all WMI parameters and values are converted to a user friendly format.

The WMIX Script Generator is a great tool for any system administrator who uses or wishes to use WMI for their daily tasks.

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Sophisticated WMI Queries Wizard

WMI has its own query language called WQL.It allows you to specify query filters in order to return only the information you want from machines which comply with the query criteria.

WMIX includes a WMI Query Wizard, removing all complexity from creating WMI queries. WMIX will guide you through the process of selecting a WMI class, defining the properties to report and designing the query filters.

Use the WMIX Query Wizard to create Group Policy WMI Filters & to perform SCCM customization with ease.
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Easily consume WMI via WMIX

WMI is a powerful technology, however, in its raw form it can only be accessed via a scripting language like VBScript or PowerShell. This fact often leaves this technology hard to reach for common administration tasks.

Explore WMI classes
Explore the full set of WMI management classes.
Browse object associations
Browse through the machine’s objects by associations.
Execute and organize WMI queries using the WMI Query Wizard and generate WMI Scripts.
WMI Script Generator


I can go to a user by the user name, see which machines they’re logged into, and go directly into remote control and admin tasks.
Frontier School Division
We used many alternate solutions in the past, from Radmin to VNC to Net Support, but have always preferred Goverlan because of its ease-of-use and deployment, cost-effective licensing, and the built-in management capabilities.
Teltech Communications
We were installed in minutes and using it in meaningful ways within hours.
Pekin Hospital


Get to the root of a problem quickly. Resolve client issues more efficiently, with minimal or no end-user interaction.

Arrow icon Significant time savings can be achieved with enterprise-wide configuration management & reporting. Design complex automated tasks that can be run on-demand or on a schedule.
Arrow icon Execute commands with admin privileges while in a remote control session to bypass UAC prompts or execute commands that require elevation.
Arrow icon Uses Windows Authentication, LDAP & WMI & proprietary technologies that allow technicians to be effective immediately.
Arrow icon Auto-detect logged-in workstations in real-time and instantly access remote control, extended troubleshooting, and management tools.
Arrow icon Save and share complex CLI commands & frequently-used actions/targets and re-run with a single click.
Licensed per operator


Priced per operator, not per node. A single license authorizes an operator to remote control an unlimited number of client machines.

Perpetual licensing, one-time cost for the version owned.

Easy to deploy and maintain


No database back-end or Active Directory schema modification required.

Speedy and effortless deployment. The GOVERLAN agents are very small & stable (less than 5MB) and have been designed to have no impact on system performance. The agents can be auto-installed/maintained by GOVERLAN or pre-installed by you.

Secure & centralized management of global settings and session audits, allowing for responsive IT security/compliance reporting and approval.



Secure configuration


Centrally configure and manage client side settings globally using a domain group policy or using the GOVERLAN Central Server (i). Customize the image and text of the client side user interface with your corporate branding.

Easy firewall configuration. GOVERLAN uses a single TCP port for all communication and easy firewall configuration. If Windows firewall is on, the GOVERLAN agents automatically configure it with an exception.

Secure communication


Secure authentication. Every action performed via GOVERLAN is done under the identity of the GOVERLAN operator, and is authenticated and approved through native Active Directory privileges.

Encrypted communication. Every piece of data transmitted over the network is encrypted using the AES 256 protocol.

Secure auditing


Central and secure auditing. Auditing of remote control sessions can be centrally and securely managed using the GOVERLAN Central Server (i).

(i)The GOVERLAN Central Server allows you to centrally and securely configure and distribute settings. Settings configured via the GOVERLAN Central Server can only be modified by a super-authority.

Technical Support