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GOVERLAN v8 - Update Information

This page displays the improvements and updates on the Goverlan v8 product.

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Agent Version: 8.07.01
Release update : Fri, 18 Nov 2016
Module     Type     Description
Scope ActionsFixFixed an issue where IP Addresses where not appearing in a Scope Action Report.
Scope ActionsFixFixed an issue where the number of memory slots were not reported correctly in a Scope Action Report.
Remote ControlFixFixed an issue where Goverlan Remote Control would not send Ctrl C or Ctrl Z to a telnet or SSH session.
WMIXFixFixed a PowerShell script error when using the Script Generator feature in Goverlan.
Updates that apply to All ModulesNew FeatureGoverlan Agents can now be pushed to machines not configured with a standard C$ administrative share. A custom root share can be configured via the Goverlan Central Server 2.01.09 or the Goverlan Administrative GPO template that ships with Goverlan 8.50.19. For more information see this KBA.
Updates that apply to All ModulesFixThe Offline Sign-On option only appears if a Goverlan product cannot reach (The Goverlan Licensing Server). See Offline Sign-On of Operators for more information.
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