Goverlan VNC Viewer

What is the Goverlan VNC Viewer?

The Goverlan VNC Viewer is a free software package derived from the popular VNC (Virtual Network Computing) software. The GovVNCViewer software package is freely available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

The GovVNCViewer package is a DLL which exposes a VNC Viewer CWnd implementation. This VNC Viewer Window can be used to embed VNC client services in any application which requires them.


GovVNCViewer is a Windows based implementation of the VNC Viewer (client). It can only be used by Windows based applications.


GovVNCViewer is fully compatible with the RFB protocol used in VNC, so you can use the GovVNCViewer with many standard VNC server products out there such as TightVNC, UltraVNC, RealVNC.

As such, the GovVNCViewer is capable to connecting to VNC Servers on miscellaneous platforms including Unix and Mac.

Source Code Information

The GovVNCViewer source codes are based on the TightVNC Viewer source implementation. It has been modified to meet the following criteria:

  • GovVNCViewer is an MFC Extension DLL
  • It supports Unicode
  • It only exposes a single VNC Client Window class (CVncClientWnd) in the form of a CWnd which provides the VNC client services.


Package Version Type Link
GovVNCViewer DLL 1.0.0 Runtime DLL Windows ZIP Package
GovVNCViewer Source
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
1.0.0 Source Codes Windows ZIP Package

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More Information

GovVNCViewer is Free and distributed under the terms of the

GNU General Public License

For more information about this product, contact a Goverlan Support representative by email at

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