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Getting Started with the new Goverlan Licensing System

The Goverlan Licensing System in 8.5 and later will allow Goverlan users to manage their purchased licensing and assign the appropriate licensing.
Goverlan 8.5 can be installed as upgrade to any previous version of Goverlan v8. A Goverlan Agent Update may be required if you are running v8.01.09 or earlier.

Here is a quick guide in getting started with the new licensing system.

Step 1 – Know your license administrator

All license administrators were emailed with the details of how to get new users on board with the new license system.

If you are the license administrator, follow the next steps to get users configured to use Goverlan 8.5.
If you are not the license administrator, contact Sales@goverlan.com to find out who is the designated Goverlan License Administrator.

Non-Admin users: After you have received the welcome email, jump to step 3.

Step 2 – Creating New Users and assigning licenses (for License Admins)

Create new users accounts by logging into https://my.goverlan.com. When you create a new user, you will be prompted to assign the user to a license. If you do not assign a user to a license, they will not be able to log in to the Goverlan Console. Once the user is provisioned, the user will receive a welcome email.

For more information on how to manage Goverlan users, go to the user guide and read these sections:

  • Using Goverlan Software Products
  • Managing My Software License
  • Viewing and Managing License Usage

Note: License Admins do not need to be assigned a license. License Admins will automatically be provisioned for all licenses on the account.

Step 3 – The Welcome Email

The Welcome Email will contain a temporary password and a link to log in to https://my.goverlan.com.
After logging in with the temporary password, you will be forced to change it to a new password.

Step 4 – Downloading Goverlan and Logging in

Download the installer from the portal page and log in to Goverlan using your new password.

Troubleshooting Log in issues

Common issues:


“Unknown Error”

Reason 1 – Proxy Servers
Most login issues occur when an organization has a Web Proxy or Filter software installed on the network. You may need to allow traffic to https://gls.goverlan.com for Goverlan authentication to work.

“A license for this product was not found on your account”

Reason 1 – User was not properly provisioned
The license admin must map the account to a license.

“Bad User Name or Password”

Reason 1 – Password Managers
Password Managers that auto populate the user name and password fields may not be compatible with my.goverlan.com
Try to enter the user name and password manually

Items missing from the Goverlan Portal Page

Reason 1 – Incompatible browsers.
my.goverlan.com is compatible with IE 10 and above, Chrome and Firefox.
Use an updated broswer

Reason 2 – Corrupt browser cache. 
Clear the browsers cookie and application data cache.

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