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How is Goverlan licensed?

Goverlan is licensed per operator, not per managed node. One user license authorizes a single Goverlan operator to remotely manage an unlimited number of client nodes.

How many licenses do I need to purchase?

The number of licenses you need to purchase is based on the maximum number of Goverlan operators at any given time (number of concurrent user-operators).

Example 1: If your service desk consists of 30 operators using Goverlan in 3 different shifts and the maximum number of operators using Goverlan at any time is 15, then you need to buy 15 user licenses.

Example 2: If your service desk has 20 operators all using Goverlan in a given work day, then you need to purchase 20 user licenses.

Do I need to pay per month or per year to use Goverlan?

Goverlan can be purchased in 2 licensing modes.

  1. A perpetual license
  2. A term license

A perpetual Goverlan license authorizes you to use the version you purchased perpetually with the following limitations:

  1. A license is bound to a specific major version of the product (for instance v8.x). A license doesn’t grant the right to use subsequent version releases (for instance v9.x).
  2. We express no warranty that the product will work forever. As new technology and operating systems are released, changes are introduced which may prevent legacy software from functioning properly.

A term Goverlan license authorizes you to use the Software for the duration of the term specified in the order. After the term ends, the Software will cease to function.

If I buy one module initially, can I add on other modules later?

Yes, you can add on modules as needed.

Does technical support come with the license?

New and upgraded licenses receive 3 months of complimentary Goverlan Maintenance which includes email/phone/live chat technical support and all software updates.

For more information, see Goverlan Maintenance.

How do I purchase a license?

Contact our Sales Department to request a quote

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final once a registered license has been issued.Once this information has been sent to you, the purchase is non-refundable.

A full-featured evaluation copy of Goverlan can be downloaded from our web site. During your trial period, our support staff is available to assist in the installation and configuration of our products. Clients are encouraged to fully evaluate the software prior to purchasing it.

Goverlan Terminology Guide

License Terms Description

Perpetual - The license will never expire. However, as new technology and operating systems are released, changes are introduced which may prevent legacy software from functioning properly.

Term - The license will function for a set time period after which the Customer can choose to renew for an additional term or cease to use the product. The product will stop functioning after the end date of the Term.

Goverlan Maintenance - Goverlan Maintenance provides the Customer with the latest builds of the Software purchased, as well as phone, chat, and email support defined on the Goverlan Maintenance page.

Product Terms Table

Concurrent user license - Goverlan is sold per concurrent user. This means that anyone in your organization can use the Goverlan license as long as there is a license available for use. The Goverlan Software can be installed on any machine(s) you choose, only 1 concurrent user can use Goverlan for each license you purchase.

Fixed - A license can be fixed to a particular machine. This means that even if the Software is not in use, that license will not be available for use by another user. You can release a fixed license by signing out of the product. You can also manage fixed licenses through the portal.

Floating - A license can be floated and made available for use by another machine by simply closing the console with no “sign out” required. This allows the Customer to easily share licenses across a team. See Force License Release.

Client Machines - Client machines are devices being managed by the Goverlan Software via the Goverlan Agent.

Goverlan Agent - The Goverlan agent is the software that controls the Client machines and can be installed on an unlimited number of compatible devices.

Goverlan Reach - Goverlan Reach is a service which allows you to manage Client Machines that are not on the same LAN (and not connected through VPN). Goverlan Reach requires an additional Goverlan Reach Client License. Goverlan Reach is sold per Client Machine requiring use of the Goverlan Reach service.

What is included in Goverlan Maintenance?

Goverlan Maintenance provides access to the latest builds of the software purchased, as well as phone, chat, and email support.

Do I have to purchase the annual Maintenance Coverage?

No, but you will not have unlimited technical support and upgrade coverage.

Without Maintenance, one can access the Knowledge Base, Goverlan Forum, and User Guides. Technical support can be provided on a per incident basis: $40 USD by email, $80 USD by phone or live chat. If a software fix is required, there is no charge.

Without Maintenance you cannot access any new product updates or fixes. For more information, see our Software End User License Agreement.

How much is the annual Maintenance Coverage?

1 year of Maintenance costs 20% of the current retail price show here for EACH active Goverlan license owned.

Can I purchase the annual Maintenance Coverage at any time?

Extended 1 year Maintenance Coverage can be purchased at any time. However, if Maintenance is purchased for existing lapsed licenses, we backdate it to the last date that the license had coverage.

What if I purchase additional licenses during my current Maintenance Coverage period?

If you purchase additional licenses, Maintenance Coverage will be co-termed with your other Goverlan licenses. When we co-term to your other licenses, we will account for the 3 months complimentary Maintenance Coverage.

Will I be notified when my Maintenance Coverage is about to expire?

Maintenance Coverage is not automatically renewed. We will send your company an email notification 60 and 30 days prior to the expiration date. Your company may purchase the extended 1 year Maintenance Coverage at any time.

Goverlan Maintenance Limitations

Maintenance includes commercially reasonable efforts to diagnose and resolve any errors in the Software. This carries no warranty of any kind from Goverlan that the all issues will be resolved. If a technical issue with the Software is the result of a conflict or incompatibility with a Third Party Product which was not provided by Goverlan nor included in the Documentation and which was implemented at Customer site, then the vendor of the Third Party Product must assist Goverlan in the resolution of the technical issue. If the vendor of the Third Party Product is not available or does not provide commercially reasonable assistance in the resolution process, then Goverlan expresses no warranty that the issue will be resolved.

Goverlan shall be under no obligation to furnish Technical Support to the extent that such Maintenance is required as a result of (i) the operation of the Software in environmental conditions or configurations outside those prescribed in the user manual or other Goverlan Documentation for the Software, (ii) Customer’s material failure to maintain the Software in accordance with the standards prescribed in the user manual or other Software Documentation, (iii) Maintenance of the Software by anyone other than Goverlan or a third party authorized by Goverlan, or (iv) causes unrelated to the Software as delivered to Customer by Goverlan, including, without limitation, unauthorized modifications to the Software made by You or on Your behalf.

Goverlan shall not be required to provide support for the Software or customization of the Software with regard to the Customer's unique application requirements.

Customer acknowledges that any obligation Goverlan may have to support the previous version(s) shall cease upon the availability of a new software release/update.

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