Better desktop, server, and user support

Webinar recording: Better desktop, server, and user support Watch as we demonstrate Goverlan and show real-world examples and tips. This technical demonstration will include: Supporting users with advanced remote control Automating IT, no matter what IT is AD management made easy Deploying software and patches Monitoring servers and critical infrastructure Watch this webinar and gain a […]

Concerned with FIPS 201? Read about Goverlan smart card redirection!

Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS 201) FIPS 201 is a United States federal government standard that specifies Personal Identity Verification (PIV) requirements for Federal employees and contractors. The overall goal of FIPS 201 is to achieve appropriate security assurance by verifying the claimed identity of individuals seeking physical access to Federally control government facilities and […]

Announcing Goverlan Free Remote Control!

Goverlan Free Remote Control is now available! I am writing this from the show floor at TechMentor 2015; what a great place to announce a new free product focused on SysAdmins! So, here it is – Goverlan Free Remote Control: Top 5: What makes Goverlan Free Remote Control special? Active Directory integration: Surprisingly, being free is […]

Remote monitoring with remote control?

Use Remote Control to Monitor Remote Machines There is no better assurance that a machine, app, process, or server is running than actually seeing it with your own eyes. Goverlan Remote Control can be used for remote monitoring of critical infrastructure and provide instant access to remote control sessions if/when things get weird. Set up customized layouts […]

Activate Windows Remotely (and on multiple machines at once!)

Activate Windows Remotely One of our engineers was recently telling me about what a pain it was to deal with Windows activations. He worked in the financial services sector and every month during the “summer intern season” he would have to activate 40+ machines. Before he had Microsoft Key Management System (KMS) available he used […]

User Provisioning Your Way with Goverlan

Goverlan helps organizations provision users quickly, cheaply, reliably, and securely. Goverlan integrates with Active Directory and includes a powerful tool-set and script deployment engine. By leveraging Goverlan Scope Actions you can combine a sequentially-executed series of actions to automate new user provisioning and run it against one user or a group of users with a […]

Goverlan Helps Pekin Hospital IT Dept. Increase First Call Resolution

Goverlan allows Pekin Hospital IT Department to provide instant support hospital-wide with real-time data & powerful remote control.   The IT Department at Pekin Hospital is using Goverlan to provide vital support to the nurses and doctors at the full-scale medical facility in Pekin, Illinois. In charge of delivering instant support to highly mobile medical […]

Goverlan v7.01.55 is released – See what’s new!

Check Out the New Features in Goverlan 7.01.55 Image Customization for Company Branding! Goverlan Remote Control now supports image customization on the client side. You can now add your company logo to the Remote Control splash screen as well as the Admin mode screen. This allows for better company branding and seamless support for your users. […]