Identifying Computers infected with the CryptoLocker ransomware virus (Crilock.A).

CryptoLocker Ransomware Virus CryptoLocker, also known as Trojan:Win32/Crilock.A, is ransomware that will encrypt files on your local disk or on any mapped shared folder attached to your computer. This message will actually instruct you to pay a ransom in order to decrypt your files. Once a system is infected, you will see a countdown like […]

Dell Desktop Authority Standard 9 vs. Goverlan (by Concentrated Tech)

Concentrated Tech’s CompareScope™ evaluates Goverlan’s distinctive features to support Microsoft Windows-based infrastructures.   Concentrated Tech, a recognized industry source, featured the Goverlan Remote Admin Suite v7 along with Dameware Remote Support v9 and Dell’s Desktop Authority Standard 9 (primarily its ExpertAssist feature) in a Remote Support Solutions CompareScope™, an objective compare-and-contrast piece assessing the differentiating […]

Microsoft SCCM/ConfigMgr & Goverlan (by Concentrated Tech)

Concentrated Technologies, a recognized industry source, found the Goverlan Remote Administration Suite v7 to be an “excellent candidate” as a supplemental remote support and control solution for SCCM.   “SCCM environments can benefit from a supplemental remote support and control solution that offers better immediacy and support for ad-hoc operations. With regard to Goverlan Remote […]

Altiris Client Management Suite vs. Goverlan

Symantec’s Altiris Client Management Suite is a remote administration and support solution designed for medium businesses and enterprises. Goverlan’s Remote Administration Suite aims at the same administration and remote control market. Let’s take a look at the two products in comparison with each other.   “Goverlan matches the feature set of Altiris from a configuration […]

Goverlan and SCCM integration Part II – Querying the SCCM Site Server

Managing your SCCM environment through the Goverlan Remote Administration Suite.   Home is where the data is…   In this second part of our SCCM\Goverlan Integration series, we look at how we can query the SCCM Site server directly to access a treasure trove of information. SCCM stores loads of information about computer configurations in […]