Webinar Recording: “Complete control” with Microsoft SCCM and these tools

“Complete Control” with Microsoft SCCM and Goverlan If you missed our webinar on Friday (or you loved it and want to see it again), here is a link to the recording. Also included is the slide deck with all the links to the fantastic free tools for managing Microsoft SCCM environments that were mentioned during the […]

Generating NTFS Permissions Reports with Goverlan

Generating NTFS Permissions Reports with Goverlan The combination of a report on NTFS permissions for a corporate share and a report on AD group memberships helps define the who has access, what level of access, where do they have access, etc. The unanswered questions seems to be WHY? As in why should I (or you) care […]

PowerShell and Goverlan (Part 1) – Generating Scripts

PowerShell and Goverlan 1 of 4- Generating Scripts with WMIX You can do a lot of really awesome things with Goverlan and a bit of PowerShell. This blog post series will take you through some of the PowerShell support that Goverlan offers. Goverlan PowerShell support includes: Generating scripts from any WMI class/instance (part 1, this […]

What is Goverlan Administration & Diagnostics?

The struggle is real… I find myself struggling with how to properly market and explain what Goverlan Administration & Diagnostics is. I figured I would write a quick blog post and see if I can do a better job than what we have on our product page. (Found here: http://www.goverlan.com/products/administration-diagnostics.php) Administration & Diagnostics The best way to […]

So you changed your WiFi Password…

So you changed your WiFi Password… A customer recently called in saying they updated their WiFi password and now they must update an existing wireless profile on several hundred machines…arghhh. Victor, one of our esteemed support engineers, came up with a neat little way of getting this done in minutes using Goverlan Scope Actions. Victor simply […]

Activate Windows Remotely (and on multiple machines at once!)

Activate Windows Remotely One of our engineers was recently telling me about what a pain it was to deal with Windows activations. He worked in the financial services sector and every month during the “summer intern season” he would have to activate 40+ machines. Before he had Microsoft Key Management System (KMS) available he used […]

User Provisioning Your Way with Goverlan

Goverlan helps organizations provision users quickly, cheaply, reliably, and securely. Goverlan integrates with Active Directory and includes a powerful tool-set and script deployment engine. By leveraging Goverlan Scope Actions you can combine a sequentially-executed series of actions to automate new user provisioning and run it against one user or a group of users with a […]

Remote Software Installation with Goverlan!

Remote Software Installation with Goverlan One major feature of any configuration management system is to perform a remote software installation. With Goverlan you can push EXE or MSI software packages to your computers in minutes with just a few clicks.  Simply configure a Goverlan installation package, assign it to a computer and execute. Goverlan installation […]