Detect and remove blacklisted applications

Use a free trial of Goverlan to scan remote machines for blacklisted applications. Find any version of blacklisted applications (dropbox, spotify, weather bug, toolbars!!!) Find unpatched legacy versions of applications (Java, IE, Firefox in real-time) Quietly uninstall the app and optionally notify the user. See how below! Software vendors are not always great about patching […]

Goverlan 8.5 is available for you! Read this before you update!

Goverlan 8.5 is here! Read this before you update! 1. Know your license administrator! Only your Goverlan license administrator can authorize you to use a Goverlan license. Your license administrator can also grant you access to Don’t know who your license administrator is? Contact us and we will help you! 2. Login to Visit: 3. […]

Goverlan version 8.5 Sneak Peek Demo

Goverlan version 8.5 is here and we hosted an exclusive Goverlan sneak peek webinar so you can get the first look. In this newest release we introduce a user and license management system that will help you allocate Goverlan resources across your team. Watch this demo for a sneak peek at Goverlan version 8.5 and a discussion […]

5 File and Folder Management Tricks

File and folder management on remote machines can be a headache. Seemingly simple tasks like copying folders from a source to several destinations can turn out to be extremely painful. Luckily you discovered Goverlan! Goverlan offers strong tools to query, transfer, manipulate, and manage files and folders on remote machines with ease.   During this webinar we […]

Maintaining Active Directory with Goverlan

Maintaining Active Directory with Goverlan Watch and see how you can automate Active Directory (AD) maintenance and reporting with Goverlan during the “Maintaining Active Directory with Goverlan” live webinar. During this webinar we will demonstrate running Active Directory reports and alerts to show us the current state of our AD environment. We will also showcase […]

Administration and Diagnostics from A to Z

Watch and see how you can support users behind-the-scenes in real-time and WITHOUT remote control. We will take a comprehensive look at Goverlan Administration and Diagnostics in this week’s webinar: Administration and Diagnostics from A to Z Topics will include: Software and patch deployment Active Directory management and reporting Live troubleshooting desktops and servers The power […]