Goverlan Automation Center

Execute actions, reports or automate complex IT processes
on computer targets or AD objects.

1- Download the .gsa file

2- Drag and drop the .gsa file
into your Scope Action console

3- Fine tune and adjust the scope

All AD Groups with Email Addresses

A report that shows all Active Directory distribution groups with the groups email address.

Submitted by: Goverlan

Update SSID / WiFi Password

Updates the WiFi profile password for the targeted machines.

Submitted by: Goverlan

Disk Space Monitor

Monitors for machines that are running out of disk space.

Submitted by: Goverlan

Missing Adobe Reader

Reports on machines that are missing Adobe Reader.

Submitted by: Goverlan

Terminate – Deprovision User(s)

Terminate user(s) with a single click and make sure compliance mandates are met!

Submitted by: Goverlan

All Active Directory Users

All Active Directory users with current status

Submitted by: Goverlan

Active Directory Group Members Report

Audit report that lists the current members of the "sales" group, or any other group.

Submitted by: Goverlan

User Login History Report

Report that returns the login history for a user or group of users.

Submitted by: Goverlan

Hardware Inventory Report

Full hardware inventory report for workstations and servers.

Submitted by: Goverlan

Who are the Local Administrators

Report that returns all the local administrators on machines

Submitted by: Goverlan