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Goverlan Remote Administration Software

Remote support + administration for users, workstations, & servers in real-time

Quick diagnosis

Get to the root of the problem quickly


Easy-to-use and robust feature set

Efficient resolution

Resolve client issues more efficiently

IT professionals Goverlan

“Brings every aspect of managing endpoints on your network into one easy intuitive tool. Makes software management and deployment a breeze, for the price and features you are missing out if you don't buy it.”
user testimonial
“Goverlan has turned long hours of individual machine administration into single action updates, and made it so simple for us to keep our more than 1750 computers running with fewer hitches than before ...making our jobs easier.”
user testimonial
John Wilkins
“Goverlan is a fantastic remote administration tool. I've been using it since 2006. We make a lot of use of the scope actions to deploy software. It allows you to easily manage virtually every element of a remote machine.”
user testimonial
Andrew Single
“I had never heard of this before but once you start using the features you wonder how you managed ANY Windows AD environment without this & those built-in tools. Support is excellent but you won't need it...this app just works.”
user testimonial
“I have been using GoverLAN for 10+ years and have 0 complaints. The team is always responsive and they put out a very useful piece of software. It has saved me and my teams countless hours of management work.”
user testimonial
“The software is an invaluable tool for troubleshooting desktop issues remotely without being intrusive to the user. My team can handle problems quickly & efficiently and provide resolutions typically within a minute of getting a call.”
user testimonial
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A few of our happy customers:

BNP Paribas
Miami Heat
Electronic Arts
Rite Aid
Lockheed Martin

A few of our happy customers:

Hormel BNP Paribas Miami Heat Electronic Arts Rite Aid Lockheed Martin
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