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Detecting and removing blacklisted applications
Friday, November 18, 2016 @ 12:00 PM ET
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Goverlan Remote Administration Software

Award winning IT management software to make your job easier.

Quickly target the problem

Easy-to-use, robust features

Resolve issues efficiently

Install in minutes on any PC


Detecting and removing blacklisted applications

IT professionals Goverlan®

“Goverlan, unlike other solutions, offers real-time data. I can be remotely viewing a user's desktop before they are finished explaining the problem.”
“With Goverlan we've increased our first-call resolution by 95%. In many cases we can also perform tasks in the background with minimal or no interruption to the user.”
“The intuitive layout and design of the GUI makes learning Goverlan a simple task. We were 100% operational the same day we downloaded the trial installation. The only way it would have been easier is if someone was clicking “NEXT” for me.”
“The most significant cost savings with Goverlan have been with travel avoidance and staff time. We're now able to remotely administer actions quicker and more efficiently and perform mass software updates with the simple click of a mouse or scheduled job in Goverlan.”
“Using Goverlan, we can troubleshoot at a fraction of the time – and the cost – everything from fixing printer issues right on the task manager, ... to pushing out OS rollouts countrywide, all right from one office.”
“The product is intuitive and just works… Though we rarely have had to contact support, when we have, we have had prompt response and resolution.”
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A few of our happy customers:

A few of our happy customers:

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